Arnie has played bass professionally for over twenty-five years in the Western Maryland area and beyond. Born in Cumberland MD, he was raised on a great variety of music in the household, ranging from the great musicals to Elvis to the Beach Boys. After playing numerous instruments, Arnie found his true calling playing the bass in high school when he heard the music of Rush, Led Zeppelin, and the Who. While attending Frostburg State University he actually played jazz on his first professional gigs, followed by a stint in Shadowfax, a local Top Forty band. This was the period he began teaching bass and guitar privately, which he continues to do. He also added fretless bass to his sound at this time, influenced by Jaco Pastorius of Weather Report.

After college he played in a diverse array of groups, including LPH, an acoustic trio, and Mr. Smartypants, an eclectic rock band. In 1993 he formed the blues trio Black Manhattan with Duffy Kane on guitar and traveled the east coast playing their mixture of electric blues and jazz. Bart Lay joined the band in 1994 and they have been playing together ever since. Arnie then revisited his big band roots in 1995, joining the Gary Marvel Orchestra. Simultaneously he started to jam with 2Blue, which gave birth to Stack o' Blues. At this time Arnie joined in a project with guitarist/singer Gary Jackson called Koko Blue. Outside of the band Gary and Arnie started a unique collaboration called the Masters Quartet, featuring Julie Belle Huff on flute and Wendy Winters on sax/clarinet/flute. In 2002 Arnie added the electric upright bass to his repertoire.

In 2006 Arnie joined the twenty-year Hagerstown musical institution the Holders. This was later supplemented by the creative outlet of the Prophets of the Abstract Truth, featuring the sax of Carl Disque, a founding member of 2Blue, and Bob Courter on guitar and perc.

Arnie has had the honor of backing up some true legends of the blues, including Hubert Sumlin, Honeyboy Edwards, and Byther Smith. He also had the thrill of playing for the Platters and the Shangri-Las. He currently resides in Hagerstown and teaches at Carpenter's World of Music.